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Mud engineering services provides to its clients satisfactory mud systems and skilled personnel. The wellbore drilling in hazardous and complex geological conditions today is a kind of art; designed to provide cost effective mud and eliminate downhole problems. Our MES utilizes the best known technology and appropriate equipment to control the performance of the drilling tools.Our skilled personnel and laboratory QAQC Process guarantee high quality of these services.

The proper use of the mud materials and chemicals in preparation of the mud provide cost effective technology and perfect rheological parameters of the mud. The whole used mud technology gives integrated solution to the problems existing while drilling.

MES utilize "know how" in drilling technology with the use of the modern control equipment

The modern technology and equipment guaranteed the best quality of the services. The supply of the chemicals and mud materials are certified and confirm in quality by the appropriate ISO and API Standards.

Our skill and experienced mud engineering covers the following activities and technology:

  • the use of the potassium polimer mud and salt mud
  • the drilling in very complex geological conditions
  • the drilling in the high temperature downhole conditions up to 7,000 m.
  • the drilling in the hazardous areas with H2S contents and high pressure gradients and drilling with catastrophic loss circulation
  • the service of the horizontal, directional and geothermal drilling and for UGS purposes

Our Activities

Job Description/Date: | 10/12/2012 12:00:00 AM
Supply of various drilling chemicals/engineers(2009) Location/Client: OK15 and OKST1, Nigeria (Addax Petroluem Exploration Nigeria Limited)....

Job Description/Date: | 12/12/2012 9:03:00 AM
Supply of various drilling chemicals/engineer(2010) Location/Client: Otto south 16, Otto north 10ST Delta Queen, Nigeria,(Conoil)....

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